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Hi All!


The final exam will be 100 multiple choice quesitons.

  • You will need a scantron and a no. 2 pencil
  • No notes, texts, internet access, or any other kind of assistance.
  • Questions will be taken directly from quizzes, including bonus questions.

Word of advice:

Start studying now if you haven’t already. As I’ve mentioned a few times in class, make sure you know why the correct answers are correct, and the wrong answers are wrong. It might help to retake the quizzes again until you know why the answers you gave were correct or incorrect. If you do this you will most likely ace the exam. Most of the questions will be exactly the same as your quizzes, but some will be reversed. For example, an answer on one of the quiz questions might be “all the above,” but on the final it might be “none of the above.” A true or false question on one of the quizzes might be switched around to say the opposite on the quiz.


Good Luck!



Hello Class!

Next Tuesday is an important class not to miss. There will be two quizzes.

A couple of important reminders/announcements:

1. The second part of your journal is due next class, May 13. If you decide to email it to me, I must receive it by 4pm Tuesday, May 13. Since the journal prompts are meant to be answered the same week they are assigned, I will not accept late submissions.

2. Quiz 7 will be split into two quizzes and will be worth 10 points, rather than the usual 5 points. For this quiz you will have the opportunity to earn 3 bonus points. You will take the quiz after we finish the sections on Asian and Islamic Art. Please prep your notes for:

  • Medieval West
  • Renaissance
  • Mannerism
  • Baroque
  • Rococo
  • Asian Art
  • Islamic Art

3. After taking Quiz 7 we will take a brief 10 minute break. Following the break will be a lecture on the Traditional Arts of Oceania, Africa & Americas. Immediately following the lecture you will take Quiz 8. Remember, I drop the two lowest scores from your final grade.

4. Congratulations Team 3! I will let you know by Sunday what format the final exam will take (100 multiple choice questions with only your brain to help you, or 2 open-ended/essay questions, open book)


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