Hello Class!

Next Tuesday is an important class not to miss. There will be two quizzes.

A couple of important reminders/announcements:

1. The second part of your journal is due next class, May 13. If you decide to email it to me, I must receive it by 4pm Tuesday, May 13. Since the journal prompts are meant to be answered the same week they are assigned, I will not accept late submissions.

2. Quiz 7 will be split into two quizzes and will be worth 10 points, rather than the usual 5 points. For this quiz you will have the opportunity to earn 3 bonus points. You will take the quiz after we finish the sections on Asian and Islamic Art. Please prep your notes for:

  • Medieval West
  • Renaissance
  • Mannerism
  • Baroque
  • Rococo
  • Asian Art
  • Islamic Art

3. After taking Quiz 7 we will take a brief 10 minute break. Following the break will be a lecture on the Traditional Arts of Oceania, Africa & Americas. Immediately following the lecture you will take Quiz 8. Remember, I drop the two lowest scores from your final grade.

4. Congratulations Team 3! I will let you know by Sunday what format the final exam will take (100 multiple choice questions with only your brain to help you, or 2 open-ended/essay questions, open book)


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