WEEKS 13 & 15 : APR 15-22



Male Torso. Harappa, Indus Valley. c. 2400-2000 BCE. Limestone. Height 3.5″


Great Stupa. Sanchi, India. 10 B.C.E-15 C.E

Great Stupa (Eastern Gate)

Standing Bodhisattva. NW Pakistan, Gandhara region. Late 2nd century C.E, Kushana period. Gray Schist. 43″ high

Standing Buddha. 5th century. Red sandstone. Approx 5′ high

“Beautiful Bodhisattva” Padmapani. Detail of fresco from Cave 1. Ajanta, India. c 600-650.


Kandarya Mahadeva Temples. Khajuraho, India. 10th-11th centuries

From Kandarya Mahadeva Temple. Chandella dynasty. 1025-50 C.E

Nataraja, Shiva as King of Dance. South India, Chola Period, 11th century. Bronze, 43″ x 40″


Borobudur Temple (arial view). Java, Indonesia, Asia. c. 800

Corridor at Borobudur

Detail of wall at Borobudur


Angkor Wat. c. 1120-1150 (west entrance)

Angkor Wat. c. 1120-1150 (plan)


Ritual Wine Server. China. Shang Dynasty. c. 1100-1000 B.C.E

Terra Cotta Warriors. Pit No. 1. Museum of the First Emperor of Qin Shaanxi Province. China. Quin Dynasty. c 210 B.C.E

Flying Horse. East Han Dynasty. Bronze.13.5″ x 17.5″ 2nd Century

Mirror with Xiwangmu. Early Six Dynasties Period. 317-581. Bronze. Diameter 7.25″

Chinese Calligraphy

Huai Su. Autobiography (detail). Tang Dynasty, 7th-10th centuries. Ink on paper

Chinese Painting (Song Dynasty)

Fan Kuan. Travelers Among Mountains and Streams. Song Dynasty. Early 11th Century. hanging scroll, ink on silk 81″ high

Chinese Southern Song Dynasty

Ma Yuan. Watching the Deer by a Pine Shaded Stream. c. 1200. Album leaf, ink on silk. 9.5″ x 10″

Chinese Literati

Wu Chen. Album Leaf from manual of ink bamboo. 1350. Ink on paper. 17″x20.5″

Ni Zan, Six Gentlemen, 1345, ink on paper hanging scroll, 24in x 13in

Ni Zan, Six Gentlemen, 1345, ink on paper hanging scroll, 24in x 13in

Ming  Dynasty

Tang Yin. Whispering Pines on a Mountain Path. Ming Dynasty. c. 1516. Hanging Scroll. 76″x40″

Tang Yin. Winter by the Lake. 1470-1523

Chinese Porcelain

Porcelain Plate. Mid-14th century. Yuan Dynasty. Painted in underglaze blue. Diameter 18″


Wine Pitcher. Koryo Dynasty. Mid-12th century. Porcelain, celadon glaze

Bada Shanren, Lotus. Qing Dynasty

Bada Shanren. Birds. Qing Dynasty

Bada Shanren. Flower, Rock and Two Fish. Qing Dynasty. 1688-1689

Japanese Shinto

Main Shrine. Ise, Japan. c. 685. Rebuilt every 20 years

Horyuji Temple. Nara, Japan. c. 690. Pagoda and a section of the lecture hall (Kondo)

Horyuji Temple. Nara, Japan. c. 690

Japanese Buddhist

Unkei. Muchaku. c. 1208. Wood. 75″ high

Unkei (Detail of Muchaku). c. 1208. Wood. 75″ high

Japanese Illustrated Scroll

Burning of the Sanjo Palace. From the Heiji Monogatari Emaki (illustrated Scrolls of the Events of the Heiji Era). Japan. Second half of 13th century. Kamakura period. Handscroll, ink and colors on paper. 16″x275″


Sesshu Toyo. Haboku Landscape. 1400s-early 1500s. Hanging Scroll. Ink on paper. 28″x10″

Folding Screen

Tawaraya Sotatsu. Waves at Matsushima. 17th Century. Edo Period. Folding Screen, ink color, gold, and silver on paper. 60″x145″

Ukiyo-E (Woodblock prints)

Kitagawa Utamaro. Reflected Beauty, Seven Beauties Applying Make-Up, Okita. c. 1790. Woodblock print. 14″x9.5″

Katsura Detached Palace (Gardens and tea house). Kyoto, Japan. 17th century

Katsura Detached Palace (Gardens). Kyoto, Japan. 17th century

Katsura Detached Palace (Interior). Kyoto, Japan. 17th century

Modernism in Japan

Mitsutani Kunishiro . Scarlet Rug

Mitsutani Kunishiro. Woman with Sword and Officer’s Cap. Oil on Canvas


Aerial View of the Great Mosque and Town of Kairouan, Tunisia

Great Mosque (detail). Kairouan, Tunisia. 836-975

Pitcher. Iran, Seljuk, Kashan, 12th – 13th Century. 12″ high

Koran. Early 10th century. North Africa or Near East

Illuminated Koran Leaf, Early 11th Century

Court of the Lions, Alhambra. Granada Spain. 1309-1354

Court of the Lions, Alhambra (Detail). Granada Spain. 1309-1354

Mihrab. Persia (Iran). c 1354. Glazed ceramic, cut and assembled in mosaic. 11’3″x7’6″

Mir-I-Arab Madrasa (facade). Bukhara, Uzbekistan. 1535-1536

Mir-I-Arab Madrasa. Bukhara, Uzbekistan. 1535-1536

Attributed to Sultan-Muhammad. Sultan Sanjar and the Old Woman, from the Khamseh (Five Poems) of Nizami, folio 181. 1539-1543. Gouache on paper. 14.5″x10″

Mansur. Turkey. c. 1612. Gouache on paper, painted image. 5″x5″

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