WEEK 07 _ MAR 04


Hennessy Youngman is a persona invented and performed by Jayson Musson.[1]

Youngman appears in direct-address to the Internet at large in online episodes of a series titled “Art Thoughtz.” Most often, Youngman, takes on the role of art critic or cultural critic[2] while speaking to topics concerning art, race, gender, and popular culture.

In his video monologues, Youngman becomes a tutor to an audience of hopeful artists in search of success. By explaining traditional art concepts and relating them to pop culture and real world examples, he is able to expose issues and conflicts within contemporary art society. A scheme is perpetuated, through Youngman and the “Art Thoughtz” videos, of following an often sympathetic character, one who is apparently outside the art world, attempting to understand and permeate a seemingly exclusive cultural society. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hennessy_Youngman)

PLEASE BE AWARE: Offensive language and graphic nudity.

ART THOUGHTZ: Post-Structuralism from Hennessy Youngman on Vimeo.


Mark Bradford

Alfredo Jaar

Paul Pfeiffer

Mel Chin

One thought on “WEEK 07 _ MAR 04

  1. Dana says:

    I liked the movies because they showed all ways of expressing art other than painting. But the similar note that the artist are trying to get across with there art is to make it look simple but having put a lot of thought and work behind it. A painting that looks like it took a hour really took more time to work out the details.

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