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Hi Class!

Hope you’re prepping some good notes for the first quiz, because I forgot to mention…

All the quizzes are open notes. You have access to all your notes. If you type your notes into a laptop, please print them before class.

No computers, mobile devices or any other form of access to the internet allowed.

See you next week!

Study Questions for “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger

  •  Based on the text by John Berger, does what we believe affect what we see?
  • According to Berger, does every image embody a specific way of seeing? What does this mean? Why or why not?
  • According to Berger’s essay, are beauty and taste objective values that stay the same or are they things we learn? What is mystification?
  • How has the camera affected art and our way of seeing? Find the definition of “Linear Perspective” in Preble’s Artforms (pp52-55). Explain to the class what “perspective” is.


Hello class!

This semester will be fun. This blog is where you will find all assignments, announcements, slides and syllabus/schedule for the class.

Look forward to learning with you.

Biddy Tran

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