WEEK 10 _ MAR 25

Lecture on Paleolithic Art

Waterworn pebble resembling a human face, from Makapansgat, South Africa, c. 3,000,000 B.C, reddish brown jasperite, 2in wide

Engraved Ochre, From Blombos Cave, South Africa, c. 75,000 B.C.E, 4in long
Human with feline head, from Hohlenstein-Stadel Germany, c. 30,000-28,000 B.C, Mammoth ivory, 12in high
Wall Painting, Chauvet Cave, Pont d’Arc, France, c. 28,000 B.C.E
Woman of Villendorf, limestone, 4in high; Woman of Lespugue, Mammoth ivory, 7.5in high, c.28,000-25,000 B.C
Woman holding a bison horn, from Laussel, Dordogne, France, c. 25,000-20,000 B.C, painted limestone, 1.5 ft high
Los Manos Cave, Argentina, c. 15,000 B.C.E
Two Bison, reliefs iin a cave at Le Tuc d’Audoubert, Ariege France, c. 15,000-10,000 B.C, clay, each 2ft long
Murujuga Petroglyphs, Western Austrailia, 10,000 years old

Lecture on Neolithic Art, Early Civilizations & the Classical West


Deer Hunt, detail of a copy of the wall painting from Level III, Catal Huyuk, Turkey, c. 5750 B.C

Earthenware Beaker, Susa Iran, c. 4000 B.C.E, terra cotta, 11in high

Burial Urn, Kansu type, China, Neolithic period, c. 2200 B.C.E, pottery with painted decoration, 14in high


Ziggurat of Ur-Nammu, Iraq, c. 2100 B.C.E

Lyre from the “King’s Grave” tomb RT 789 (front), c. 2650-2550 B.C.E

Lyre from the “King’s Grave” tomb side view

Head of an Akkadian Ruler, Nineveh, c. 2300-2200 B.C.E, Bronze, 12in high


Pyramids of Giza, c. 2500-2650 B.C.E

Funerary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Deir el-Bahari, c.1490-1460 B.C.E

King Mycerinus and Queen Khamerernebty, Giza Egypt, Dynasty 4, 2532-2510 B.C.E, schist, 56in x 22in x 21in

Mask from Mummy Case, Tomb of Tutankhamen, c. 1340 B.C.E, gold inlaid with enamel and semiprecious stones, 21in high

Wall Painting from the Tomb of Nebamun, Thebes Egypt, c. 1450 B.C.E, paint on dry plaster

Classical West

Archaic Period (Greek)

Euphronios Krater, c. 515 B.C.E, Terracotta, 18″x21″
Kouros. Statue of a youth, c. 610-600 B.C.E, Marble, Height 76″
Classical Period (Greek)
Polykleitos. Spear bearer (Doryphoros), Roman Copy after Greek original bronze of 450-440 B.C.E, Marble, 6’6″
Ictinus & Callicrates. Panthenon. Acropolis, Athens. Built c. 447-433 BC
Parthenon. Nashville, TN. Late 1800s
Parthenon. Nashville, TN. Interior. Late 1800s
Parthenon Frieze. Poseidon, Apollo and Artemis. 440-432 B.C.E
Classical Column Orders
Hellenistic Period (Greek)
Venus de Medici. 3rd century B.C.E. Marble. Height 5′
The Laocoon Group. Roman copy of a 1st or 2nd century B.C.E. Greek original, perhaps after Agesander, Athenodorus, and Polydorus of Rhodes. c. 1st century C.E. Marble. approx 8ft high
Head of an Old Man. Marble. 25 B.C.E-10 C.E. Height 13″
Pantheon. Rome. 118-125 C.E (view of entrance)
Pantheon. section
Pantheon Floor plan
Giovanni Paolo Panini. The Interior of the Pantheon. Rome. c. 1734. Oil on canvas. 51″ x 39″
Roman painting. In Villa at Boscreale. Fresco on lime plaster. 8′ high
Augustus Caesar, white marble, 1st century C.E

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